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STEEM Forum Interface (Prototype)

Over the last two weeks or so I've been fiddling with the STEEM blockchain and what it would look like if it were a formatted like a more traditional forum. Today I'm happy to share the results of this experiment, with the goals of collecting feedback and any ideas related to it you may have.

This prototype forum is not finished or optimized, so I apologize for any slowness or strange errors you might run into. A permanent link to the forums experiment is also available in the Labs section of

steemdb 0.4.1 - daily curation and author leaderboards

A quick update following yesterday's 0.4.0 release, today we have rewards leaderboards!

Have you ever wondered who earned the most rewards on a specific day? This new section of (located under the labs section) lets you browse through the history of Curation and Author rewards by day and find those who earned the most.

steemdb 0.4.0 - a rich history for every account

This is probably my favorite set of features (to date) working on this project - it answers so many questions I've had about my account's history I couldn't find elsewhere! In the 0.4.0 release of, new key features include curation reward history, author reward history, transfer history, power up history and power down history.

These features are available for any account, just visit and search for your account using the search bar on the top, and use the sub navigation to find different aspects of your account.

steemdb 0.3.1 - timelines for new followers, reblogs, and witness votes

The most common thing I've been asked for in my projects is the ability to see new followers. In a social media based community like we have here, many people want to observe when they have new followers so they can learn a bit more about them, and possibly follow them back.

After spending a bit time figuring out the proper way to do this, I'm happy to announce these features are now available on

steemdb 0.3.0 - account details, witness list upgrades, and account discovery

Over the last two weeks if you're a regular on, you've probably noticed some changes. I've been slowly addding features since the last update 2 weeks ago and have been releasing them as soon as they are complete.

This post is the culmination of updates that have occurred over that time. I'm happy to put a bow on a set of these changes and call it 0.3.0.

* All Steem Power & VEST calculations are done using the current conversion rate, not a historical rate. This may cause some calculations to be incorrect.